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Stem Cell Therapy for (Nosocomial) Resistant Bacteria

According to recent studies, about 15% of hospital patients suffer from nosocomial infections.

So, what is a nosocomial infection, and what does it have to do with stem cells, you ask?

A nosocomial infection is any infection that was contracted by a patient during their hospital stay. In other words, the patient was admitted to the hospital for a reason other than the newly acquired infection.

You could call them, “Hospital-aquired infections.”

Nosocomial Infections May Be Resistant to Antibiotics

These infections can be serious, resistant to antibiotics, and stem cells may play a key role in treating them in the near future.

These nosocomial infections affect patients in both developed and poor countries, and are significant causes of death among hospital patients.

Common nosocomial infections

The most common nosocomial infections are infections of surgical wounds, urinary tract infections, and lower respiratory tract infections. and infection rates are higher among elderly patients and those who have an underlying disease or are undergoing chemotherapy.

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