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Your Diet & Blood Sugar Levels Affect Your Stem Cells

Diet, Blood Sugar Levels, & Exercise Help Stem Cells: Recently doctors have seen that fatty foods aren’t the real enemy in the war on heart disease in this country, and that sugar and refined carbohydrates are the real enemy, as they directly affect all-important blood sugar levels.

These blood sugar levels, or “glycemic index,” are what diabetics pay close attention to, but it’s extremely important to all of us. It also appears obvious that there is an important link between your diet and stem cells.

One example is that in a recent study, those with poor blood sugar control (including diabetics) had fewer stem cells circulating to repair damaged arteries. In other words, the whole, “you are what you eat” concept certainly applies on a cellular level as well. Here are a couple more articles which mention this diet / stem cell link:

Really what this amounts to is that most people would likely benefit from a low glycemic diet. blood sugar levels are central to any healthy diet or weight loss plan. Popular, easy to follow weight loss programs such as South Beach Diet, the Zone diet, and parts of Weight Watchers have proven results in this area.

In fact, you can see a list of the best diets for diabetics here, and don’t forget to claim diabetes expenses as a tax deduction if you have a note from your doctor!

If you’re considering starting a weight loss / blood sugar control program, consult your physician. If weight loss supplements are recommended, consider using a coupon for drugstore.com to heal your wallet!

Stress & Healthy Eating

You are what you eat. You’ve heard that phrase so often that it sounds trite. You’re also affected down to a cellular level by the quality of life you lead, and the amount of stress you are subjected to. There are two interesting posts on the examining room blog this month examining both healthy eating and stress. Check out the “7 foods to avoid” post as well as the one about stress and living longer.

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