stem cell scientists Shinya Yamanaka and John B. Gurdon

Stem Cell Discoveries Win Nobel Prize

2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded – A pair of stem cell discoveries some 40 years apart have earned John B. Gurdon of the University of Cambridge & Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Their discoveries are central to the promise of regenerative medicine and offer hope that human organs can be repaired or replaced with one’s own cells.

Of course, the findings certainly raise ethical and religious questions about animal cloning and the ability of science to create life. read the article: Cloning and Stem Cell Discoveries Earn Nobel in Medicine – NYTimes

3 thoughts on “Stem Cell Discoveries Win Nobel Prize

  1. Jean Beardsall

    They’ve truly earned it especially John Gurdon after 40 years work. What steadfast determination! But then he’s been working on the most important and fascinating subject in the world!

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