Stem Cell Cartoon – Political Hypocrisy

stem cell cartoon pro life

political hypocrisy and stem cell research

Stem Cell Research and Political Hypocrisy – Not looking forward to the hypocrisy in politics usually associated with the stem cell debate. 2012 should be an interesting election year, and controversial topics like embryonic stem cell research are sure to resurface. I imagine Sarah Palin will be the next hypocrite to take a pro-life stand against stem cell funding? (perhaps she’ll do so during while on break from shooting wolves from a helicopter? – ha ha)

4 thoughts on “Stem Cell Cartoon – Political Hypocrisy

  1. Nic Wooly

    hahahaha thats hilarious! however i COMPLETELY agree with stem cell research, i dont think linking shooting wolves and pro-life beliefs is a viable option for criticism…. just saying. i find it funny how pro-lifers picked that name while stem cell research could save their dying loved ones. it makes one wonder where this narrow-minded world will take us one day. wherever that may be, it will be bleak.

  2. Kelly

    Why not pull back the curtain and see what is really WORKING when it comes to stem cells? It’s not the embryonic cells that have provided successes – that is all conjecture complete with lab rats and petri dishes. ADULT STEM CELLS are providing the successes without any of the controversy.


  3. ziggy

    since you progressives are so brilliant, please explain why BILLIONS have been pissed away on so called aids research when THOUSANDS of times more people with real diseases could benefit from any research including stem cell. hard as it may be to grasp, sarah has nothing to do with this comment

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