Michael J. Fox on Rick Santorum and Stem Cell Research

In a recent Piers Morgan interview, Michael J. Fox is asked about Rick Santorum’s views on stem cell research. Here’s one of a number of comments by Santorum on federal Stem Cell research, which he obviously opposes:

Geron Halts Stem Cell Research

Geron Quits Stem Cell Research – A leader in the field of stem cell research, and in the midst of the world’s first clinical trial using embryonic stem cells, Geron Corporation abruptly announced that it is leaving the stem cell business entirely. This bombshell comes in the midst of a terrible year for the California-based […]

Researchers Create New Organ From Stem Cells

Functioning Organ Created From Stem Cells Japanese researchers from the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology have successfully created a fully functioning pituitary gland from the embryonic stem cells of a mouse. The cultured pituitary gland was then successfully implanted into a mouse, (replacing the animal’s non-functioning organ) where it worked flawlessly. The significance of this […]

Scientists Find Solution for Stem Cell Therapy Side Effects

Pluripotent stem cells are the key to many of the most promising developments in regenerative medicine. Why is that? Because these are the cells (including the well known and controversial embronic stem cells) that can develop into just about any kind of cell in the human body. (i.e. the same stem cells that are used […]

Stem Cell Treatment for Heart Attacks Approved in South Korea

South Korean Stem Cell Program Scores a Victory – Five years have already passed since scandal rocked the South Korean stem cell research program. (This, of course, when professor Hwang Woo-Suk was publicly disgraced after being found guilt of fraud and embezzlement after fabricating the results of his stem cell research.) And on this five […]