Jon Huntsman & Tim Pawlenty Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Jon Huntsman & Tim Pawlenty Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research – Two Republican presidential candidates Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty confirmed recently that they maintain a position against embryonic stem cell research.

Comments by Huntsman made in 2004 seemed to show his support for embryonic stem cell research, as he was quoted in a newspaper as saying that the stem cell issue was one in which he the pro-life group Eagle Forum disagreed, saying of the conservative group, “Stem cell research would be another issue on which we part company.”

Though previously the governor of a conservative state, and looking to win the support of the conservative (and often anti-stem cell research) Republican Party, Huntsman finds him self in an interesting position, as his father founded the Huntsman Cancer Institute, which publicly advocates the use of embryonic stem cells in cancer research.

Former Minnesota Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty also confirmed his pro-life, anti embryonic stem cell research (irony?) position during the first Republican debate.

Here is Pawlenty’s full quote from the Republican debate: “As to stem cell research it holds great promise and I support stem cell research. I think it should be adult derived… most of the therapies and breakthroughs that we are seeing interms of treatment are coming from adult derived stem cell research. I strongly support that.

As for embryonic stem cell research, I don’t think we should pursue although President Bush when he was in office said he would allow and authorize the use of research on certain stem cell lines for which the embryo had already previously been destroyed before the issue came to his desk or came to his attention. I did support his approach for that limited window of stem cell research on those existing lines for which the embryo had already been destroyed.”

Most of the other candidates have focused their talking points to Planned Parenthood and abortion, and have yet to directly address their position on the use of embryonic stem cells.

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3 thoughts on “Jon Huntsman & Tim Pawlenty Oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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  2. Kimberley Ruth

    In regards to the Jon Huntsman & Tim Pawlenty opposing Embryonic Stem Cell Research does it really surprize anyone that these two republican presidential candidates would be opposing this type of research. In todays age of advancement you would think that these two men would be more forward thinking and take into consideration that opposing Embryonic Stem Cell research leads to opposing any type of stem cell reseach expecially when you are addressing these issues with planned parenthood and pro-life committee’s.
    Tim Pawlenty confirms that he is pro-life and against Embryonic Stem Cell Research. What ever happened to the division of state and religion should this not apply to those running for office as well. Keep the personal religious beliefs out of office and think about what is going to be for the good of our nation as a whole. I realize the concern is about life and that by utilizing the embryo that there is the thought that a life is being destroyed. Well then why not champagne against fertility clinics who store embryos for a certain number of years until the donating parents decide that they don’t have a need for them anymore or don’t want another family to have the embryos and instruct the clinitechians to dispose of them down a drain like old sewage, why not put them to good medical use! With today’s break throughs there are several clinical research companies that are conducting privately funded research on other means of stem cell research and this has been happening since 2009. So go ahead and oppose Embryonic Stem Cell Research and tell us what your stance is on stem cell research in general.

  3. Patty

    Hello Kimberly,
    This semester I am writing a college paper on Stem Cell Research. Your blog caught my attention because of the point you made about fertility doctors discarding unwanted embryos. I completely agree that if the parents no longer want the embryos and agree to donate them to medical research, why can’t they? If researchers find a cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s through embryonic stem cell research, wouldn’t it be worth it to save a person(s) life?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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