4 thoughts on “How Stem Cells Work – Video

  1. bassie

    The video was excellent and voice of the presenter exceptional. So embryonic stem cells cannot be controlled yet and the adult stem cells from your own body need to be picked/stored while you are still youthful. FAT CHANCE those waiting for cures will be helped. The new theory is detox ..eat nutritious food chlorophy abundant exercise and wait for the mutated genes to revert back to normal.

  2. Jennifer Saraceno

    I am a Social Work graduate student pursuing my Masters in Social Work at the University of New England.
    Two classmates of mine and myself are putting together a website about human embryonic stem cells and I would like to put this video on our website with the appropriate aknowledgement, of course.
    Our project is due shortly so your prompt response would be very much appreciated.
    Jennifer Saraceno
    MSW Candidate
    Univ of New England

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