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Stem Cell Quotes – Nancy Reagan

michael j fox nancy reagan

Michael J Fox Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan Stem Cell Research Quote: “Science has presented us with a hope called stem cell research, which may provide our scientists with answers that have so long been beyond our grasp. I just don’t see how we can turn our backs on this… there are just so many diseases that can be cured, or at least helped. We have lost so much time already, and I just really can’t bear to lose any more.“- Former First Lady Nancy Reagan

This is a subject close to Nancy Reagan’s heart, as her husband, Ronald Reagan, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. (which has created a bond between Nancy Reagan and Michael J. Fox) It’s always interesting when someone who is perceived as being part of the “status quo conservative right” steps out and makes a case for a progressive cause. Nancy Reagan had actually supported stem cell research years before President George W. Bush took a stand against it, of course, vetoing the Stem Cell Bill in 2006. Maybe the recent plea by George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara in support of gay marriage, reminded me of Nancy Reagan’s progressive position on stem cell research?

Also quoted from Nancy Reagan after Obama reversed the Bush stem cell veto: “I’m very grateful that President Obama has lifted the restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research… These new rules will now make it possible for scientists to move forward. I urge researchers to make use of the opportunities that are available to them and to do all they can to fulfill the promise that stem cell research offers… Countless people, suffering from many different diseases, stand to benefit from the answers stem cell research can provide. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to do everything in our power to find cures for these diseases – and soon. As I’ve said before, time is short, and life is precious.” – Nancy Reagan speaking about stem cells, 2009

Ray Dolby Donates $20M To Fund Stem Cell Research

Ray and Dagmar Dolby

Ray and Dagmar Dolby

Ray Dolby Donates Millions to Fund Stem Cell Research – The University of California San Francisco reported today that they have received a 20 million dollar donation from Ray Dolby, founder of Dolby Laboratories. (aka Dolby sound) This is the second large donation made by Dolby to UCSF for stem cells, as in 2006 he and his wife donated $16 million to launch a $123M fund raising campaign for the same stem cell building.

(Dolby’s 2006 donation, like many others, occurred only days after then President Bush vetoed the embryonic stem cell research bill with baby in arms)

The new stem cell research building will be named the Dolby Regeneration Medicine Building, and is set to open its doors next week. (February 9th) The building will be the headquarters of UCSF’s stem cell research.

Stem Cell Donors: Dolby is one of several prominent wealthy individuals to donate to stem cell research. Others include Michael Bloomberg, Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle), Bill Gates, and Michael J Fox.

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Stress & Healthy Eating

You are what you eat. You’ve heard that phrase so often that it sounds trite. You’re also affected down to a cellular level by the quality of life you lead, and the amount of stress you are subjected to. There are two interesting posts on the examining room blog this month examining both healthy eating and stress. Check out the “7 foods to avoid” post as well as the one about stress and living longer.

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Dog Receives Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis

dog receives stem cell therapy

Sam the Border Collie

Dog Receives Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis – Sam, a 12 year old border collie and champion show dog from Memphis, recently received the first same-day stem cell therapy for dogs in the state of Georgia. The stem cell therapy was performed in an effort to relieve Sam’s pain and inflammation that he suffers due to arthritis.

The stem cell therapy procedure, which cost about $3000, involved harvesting stem cells from Sam’s own fat, processing them, and then injecting them back into his arthritic joints. Stem cells take on the functions of other cells in the body, and have the capacity to rebuild and repair diseased or damaged tissue.  In this case, the stem cells are intended to interrupt the inflammatory cascade in Sam’s joints, thereby taking away the pain.

The “same-day” nature of the dog’s stem cell therapy is important, as in the past the procedure would have sent the cells to a lab in California for processing, taking 3 to 5 days. This amount of time would surely kill a number of the stem cells, and cause other stem cells to lose their effectiveness.

The Stem cell therapy for arthritis performed on Sam is expected to show results in a few weeks. The obvious hope with stem cell therapy such as this, is its tremendous promise with similar conditions like arthritis in humans.

Full story and video from Fox 5 in Atlanta

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis in Dogs