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OT: Inkjet coupons

OT: Inkjet Coupons and Deals: I’ve been buying name brand replacement ink from Best Buy for years, but about a week ago I decided I’d try to find a lower price online. This online search introduced me to the world of “name brand compatible inkjets.” (also called remanufactured inkjets) In any event, these inkjets are about half the price of the name brand store version, and apparently are held to the same quality standards. (a process called iso900 quality standards)

To make a long story short, I saved about $25 going with the generic option; the ultra-competitive world of replacement ink online is also filled with monthly coupons and promo codes that will save you even more on your ink purchase. They often give you free shipping to boot. After my hour or so of research, here are a few coupons for the better companies: 123inkjets coupon, 4inkjets, inkgrabber, & clickinks

Many of the coupon sites online have the latest coupons, and there are also ink-specific coupon sites like – Happy bargain hunting!

Japanese Nuclear Workers to Use Stem Cell Transplants?

Will Stem Cells be Used With Japan’s Nuclear Workers?

Japanese nuclear plant worker

Japanese plant worker

In the wake of the nuclear disaster in Japan, Japanese officials have proposed harvesting stem cells from the bone marrow of workers before sending them into the Fukushima nuclear power plant as a precautionary measure.

These stem cell transplants could offer a potentially life-saving treatment option for Japanese nuclear workers who may become exposed to unsafe levels of radiation, which damages bone marrow.

The stem cell transplant procedure would involve having the workers of the Fukushima nuclear power plant take specialized drugs (called blood growth factor proteins) for several days which would facilitate stem cells being released into their blood stream, from which the stem cells could then be extracted through apheresis. (a process commonly used for the donation of blood plasma and platelets) The stem cells could then be stored and returned later to an exposed worker’s body in a process called engraftment, (incorporation of grafted stem cells into the body) which would require a hospital stay and lengthy recovery process.

Although dozens of European hospitals have offered to aid in the stem cell tretment procedures, critics argue that such stem cell transplants would be irresponsible. They note that exposure to high levels of radiation would harm many areas of the body, not just the bone marrow; making stem cell bone marrow transplants far from a pancea for exposed nuclear workers who would also likely have damage to other systems in their bodies.

They also propose that such a procedure could make them less careful in avoiding exposure to radiation.

read more: Japan Considers Harvesting Bone Marrow Before Sending Nuclear Workers into Fukushima Plant

Stem Cell Cartoon – Political Hypocrisy

stem cell cartoon pro life

political hypocrisy and stem cell research

Stem Cell Research and Political Hypocrisy – Not looking forward to the hypocrisy in politics usually associated with the stem cell debate. 2012 should be an interesting election year, and controversial topics like embryonic stem cell research are sure to resurface. I imagine Sarah Palin will be the next hypocrite to take a pro-life stand against stem cell funding? (perhaps she’ll do so during while on break from shooting wolves from a helicopter? – ha ha)

Nasal stem cells may prevent childhood deafness

sensorineural hearing loss

sensorineural hearing loss

Nasal stem cells may prevent childhood deafness – Australian scientists have shown for the first time in mice that nasal stem cells injected into the inner ear have the potential to reverse or restore hearing during early onset sensorineural hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when hearing cells in the cochlea lose their ability to function. Often inherited, and usually starting during infancy and early childhood, sensorineural hearing loss can slow a child’s development and lead to speech and language problems… read this article

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